Mission & Vision !

FDSA - Federation of Direct Selling Association started the mission for Disciplined Direct Selling in India and is working with a three pronged strategy.

1. Advocating Government
FDSA is representing the voice of genuine direct selling companies with Government of India & State Governments to form an appropriate legislative framework with the help of progressive statistics and opinions to safeguard the direct selling industry in India. Further, FDSA is coordinating with other fellow organizations, agencies and media on the promotion of the industry prospects.

2. Awareness Campaigning
FDSA is conducting regional awareness programs across the nation, responding to emails / call from general public on their queries about direct selling companies, providing clarifications on various industry related queries and managing social media for right kind of contents.

3. Abide by Vigilant & Surveillance
- Keeping Surveillance on the direct selling companies and their marketing practises.
- Vigilant on money circulation schemes / companies, collective investment schemes, Ponzi Schemes and report to the relevant concerned law enforcement authorities.


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